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We Are The Voice For The Meaning In The Noise.

When we think about the News, we think about stories we need to know. The information we require to understand the world, and the society, in which we live. And, everywhere we turn there it is. Thousands of sources reporting similar stories. Each enthusiastically relaying the same facts. But a story is more than just facts. It’s a lesson – from which we gain deeper meaning.

Humans have an inherent, psychological need to understand. But the noise of so much News means the clarity we are looking for is often obscured. More information doesn’t make us informed. Data can be distracting. And knowledge is not the same as understanding. The story’s value gets lost in the static.

We are The Chatter. We report the meaning in the noise. Monitoring entertainment channels including, TV, Film, Music, Fashion and Celebrity alongside Social conversation, we find the patterns in conversation that piece together a story’s real significance. The part it plays in the wider narrative. And we decipher what it tells us about culture as a whole. 

News stories are often thought of as the output. But they’re, more often than not, the input stimulating the social conversation. News is shared, celebrated, argued and judged. Outrage is escalated, support is shown and memes are made. In the hands of the online community, a news story evolves, mutates and adapts. And it’s true cultural meaning and relevance will be revealed.

Following online chatter, we’ve identified four prevalent social filters- Claimers, Community, Chargers and Conscious – which we use as the basis to write content with meaning.

(Social Movement) “Claimers”  

The third wave feminism movement is taking precedence in cultural conversation. Women are claiming back control. Over their power, their body image, their equality and their self-worth. These claimers are propelling the movement forward and charging towards a real change in the cultural narrative.

(Social Groups) “Community” 

As the social neighbourhood fully expands to dominate within this Community, now is the time for redefining values. Born out of a self-organising societal model, the Community is concerned with the individual’s role within it, sharing responsibility for wider issues, and the wider pack, and how to establish a sense of order and etiquette to a yet lawless, and sometimes unruly, virtual democracy.

(Social Influencers) “Chargers”

Chargers lead the field. They set the tone and pace for the conversation and provide a context for the narrative. Some have a purpose, others just influence. But they all have the power to shape culture. Some Chargers will be driving the other themes whilst others will be carving out their own path.

(Social Trends) “Conscious”

No longer just about acceptance or tolerance, this narrative is a decisive step change towards a new outcome. From fashion, to TV and Film – and the industries that create them – the conversation surrounds the belief that in some cases, particularly racial diversity, we have taken a step backwards . “Conscious” seeks to make fundamental progress for the community within which the conversation takes place.

As the lens for deciphering the conversation that surrounds the output of the media, The Chatter provides perspectives, editorial writing and insight reporting to deliver engaging content on behalf of brands and publishers. We are the voice for – why are those messages appearing? What do they mean? And, how do they form part of the broader cultural conversation?  

We provide real-time insights and write content that reflects the significance of these social conversations surrounding the News. Because the story is just the beginning, of the chatter.

If you’d like help finding the meaning in the noise, and joining the conversation, then let’s chat. Contact us at


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